Morocco & Marseille SOLD OUT

Greetings Travelers!

This tour has reached its max.  It’s Waitlisted only at this time.


8 thoughts on “Morocco & Marseille SOLD OUT

  1. Praise God! I was just reading the first email, then went to this one! Fabulous! My computer got a virus on Thursday, took it in dot-dot-dot brought it back home and my electricity was out on the second floor! It’s been a week… I’m finally starting to get back on this time zone with sleeping well. But no stress, all throughout the stuff I’ve been dealing with since I’ve returned. I wanted to ride a fabulous comment about Marseille on your blog… It appears I don’t have to now. You have a most wonderful blessed week! Much love, ToniP.S. Maybe we’ll be able to get together when I come home for Thanksgiving, if you’re in the country. I still don’t have a working computer, but that’s okay eventually… I am so delighted for you and your business, how God is blessing you!🌹💖

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  2. Ahhhh!!!!!! Please put me on the waitlist. (I waited for my roommate to come home so I could discuss this trip with her. I just got off the phone with her and was going to email you that I would wanted to go and now it’s sold out! lol!!) (although it is not funny). Debra TJ Sent from my iPhone


  3. I know you just started working on this adventure and wanted to ask if there will be any superior or upgrade rooms as an add on?


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