A Soulful, Soul Food Sunday in Marseille

My breakfast began with my cereal, no sugar.  There was a Sunday Marche’ directly in front of our hotel. I strolled along, checking out the wares of the  various vendors and then finally sat on a wooden bench and did some “people watching” occasionally looking at KISMET, the Superyacht which still remained docked in full view.

Later,  lunch was with one of my favorite couples; Mike and Patricia Nicholson, who I call the “globetrotting Nicholsons” and who have been traveling with me since the early 2000’s.  They shared memories of past trips with, “Kat do you remember when you said this or what about so and so that went to Montreux in 2015, or the Italy trip or the Dubai trip”. It was a nice afternoon of reminiscing and I was ready for a nap before the group gathered to take the short 10 minute walk uphill to Martin’s where he was preparing a table for us.

Upon our arrival, as our host escorted us up his winding staircase, we were also met with the fragrant aromas that had drifted down from his kitchen.  He put on the finishing touches of the meal while a few assisted him in setting up the selections of wine or found a hammock (Kat, NOT ham hock) to relax in on the patio  Martin said, “Kat, they gotta wait to eat ham hocks when they get home. I said I was hanging hammocks not ham hocks”. LOL.     Finally, dinner was about to be served and our most gracious host had everybody join hands as he led us in a soul stirring vocal rendition of blessing the food.  The menu consisted of: West African Black eyed peas with okra and shrimp from Togo, Pesto Peas, Steamed white rice cooked with coconut milk,  rotisserie chicken and a green salad with a vinaigrette balsamic dressing with soy sauce and shallots.  As we broke bread,  he definitely had shown  us what he was workin’ with. This was a wonderful culinary experience, everything was seasoned purr-fectly.  What a purr-fect way to end a purr-fect Kattrax week in marvelous Marseille.


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