Kat’s Kibbles and Bits

Its been a drizzly day today in Marseille but what docked in front of my 2bdrm penthouse suite surely brightened up my day.  I slept til noon and 2pm lunch was at Miramar. They boast making the best Bouillabaisse of which I will try this week.

With this year’s birthday yachts in place in Mykonos and next year’s birthday yacht in place in Negril, I guess one could say that I’ve got a serious case of Yacht Fever.  So when I saw this bad azz yacht so close I could almost reach out and touch,  I almost melted.  KISMET –  definition: Fate, Destiny.    She was built in 2014 to be the most luxurious yacht around.  Resting on her bowsprit is a 4 ft black jaguar ….. yes that’s Kat.  She can be chartered for 1 week for a mere $1,400,000.00  She can accommodate 12 guests so for 12 ballers, that’s only $117,000 apiece .  Dreaming always brightens my day.   Make it a great day!
****Fast forward :  Further research found the next summer  Jay Z & Beyonce’ leased it for awhile, owned by their friend, Shaid Khan owner of the Jacksonville Jaguars****

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