The Kat’s Out The Bag

B8F0BC14-626C-49BF-A09E-364B5F99A01DThis is the “Kat’s Meow”.  After all, it’s my birthday but it’s my birthday EVERYDAY and everyday God let’s me see another day, I’m so thankful.

She’s an Azimut 58 ft Flybridge of Italian design.  In honor of my 20th Anniversary of Birthday partying in Negril;  the 20 signups who already signed up will party with me as we cruise around Negril. No worries,  There will be a waitlist for those that slept thru this offer. You know folks will cancel opening up a spot for you.

We will still have our normal Sunday evening sunset cruise on the “Katamaran” for all those in the group but this Yacht experience will be some kind of special.

This year’s birthday is on the Greek Island of Mykonos, next year it’s Negril.  If you missed out on Mykonos, don’t miss out on Negril. It will definitely  be a reunion and definitely fabulous.  FYI: The oceanfront suites are almost G-O-N-E!  In case you missed the dates: June 19-27, 2019.  For reservations and information email me

2 thoughts on “The Kat’s Out The Bag

  1. OMG 😮 (in my soprano/falsetto voice) Ohhhhhhhhhh WOW=without words Only Kat Trax!!!!! Do it Kat!!!!!!! Sent from my iPhone


  2. Hi Kat Kim and Rena would like to do Jamaica again next year. Thanks again, my family had a wonderful time. I believe you will have them for more of your future trips.

    Sent from my iPhone


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