Our last group dinner was African cuisine held at the VILLA MAASAI. Everything was on point from the starters to desserts. The service was quick, efficient  and in a word impeccable. I must mention ladies,  our Maasai Warrior waiters had it going on, and handsome as all get out with their white on Black VILLA MAASAI tight fighting tee shirts.  The artwork that adorned the walls including sculptured pieces throughout the restaurant was amazing.  I was quite proud of this group who remembered here in Paris out in public we use our “inside voices”. They had night #1 to let it all hang out at the French West Indian, Babylone Bis because it’s that kind of lively, animated place and then at our French Restaurant, Les Trublions; again let loose since it’s always prive’ (pree- vay) Private just for us.  All in all, this night at VILLA MAASAI was quite  beautiful as it  mentally transported me to the Serengeti when we visit Tanzania and the island of Zanzibar next year.

The 4 stretch limos as usual arrived before the designated time which always sets my mind at ease.  I do my best to keep friends/family together and I never try to max out the limo capacity.  It is our intent for all to be comfortable as they sip champagne or cider as they glide through this city admiring its beauty —— all lit up.  Even though I don’t take the ride with them; my greatest joy is watching them drive away with Robin in car #1 to ensure the route with our French speaking drivers.  How many groups come this way and get down like this? You can believe…..not many at all. That’s when Chauncey Cameron’s mantra comes through loud and clear: “Who ya wit?” KATTRAX!

Today, was a leisure day for the group.   It didn’t take them long to become familiar with their surroundings and get about the city with ease.  Robin and I had lunch at Villa Sophia.  Mmmmm….another Villa; this one Italian, just a few steps from the host Hotel.   While choppin’ It up on what we need to do to tighten our game next year; we discussed the shopping day for next year’s tour  which took me to discussing the purchase of some Louboutin sandals. Robin egged me on saying, “Oh why not? It’s your birthday EVERYDAY”!  And you know what? She’s right. So we hopped an Uber and in about 10 mins there we were at Christian Louboutin’s.  They didn’t have the ones I chose first but I’m very happy with what I purchased and will wear them proudly on the Greek Island of Mykonos when I celebrate my real birthday in July

Next up: May 10 – 17  Seven miles of white, sandy beach in NEGRIL JAMAICA at The Tree House Resort.




One thought on “LAST TANGO IN PARIS 2018

  1. Beautiful photos. Group photo is awesome! Like Chauncey, I loved the limo tour which I think is the highlight of the Kattrax Paris tour.

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