Maldives, Over the water Bungalows

The Rich and Famous have been going there for years…. somewhere in the Indian Ocean…. Lots of high end resorts on tons of islands.   Well we are going to Kat Track right on over there DEC 7- 12, 2018 to celebrate several birthdays, celebrate life, celebrate being able to see some more of this beautiful world God has created for us to respect, enjoy and keep on KAT TRACKIN’ ALL OVER THE WORLD.  We plan to chill, party, relax, get our Spa treatments on,  party some more and for me; when it’s time to close my eyes I want the sound of the waves beneath my bungalow to lull me to sleep.

We’ve have a couple rooms available. I’m sure they won’t last long. We also have a female, non smoker share situation standing by.  Cost is $2175pp.  We are giving you affordable. Package includes Breakfast and Dinner, r/t transportation from MALE AIRPORT TO RESORT.  Beverage packages are available.  All you need to do is get a plane ticket and get there if you can.  Inbox  me at or call 5104995909.



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