Medellín, San Andres Island and Cartagena


You’ve missed Colombia at least 3 or 4 times, Right? So now you will have another opportunity April 2019. This time we will explore MEDELLÍN,  one of the most innovative cities on the planet, home of the great artist and sculptor—Fernando Botero.  In Botero Plaza sits 23 of his surreal bronze statues. Medellín was the first city in the world to use cable cars for mass transit.  It once had a notorious and dangerous past but definitely now a thing of the past.

Next will be SAN ANDRES ISLAND, off the coast of Colombia.  A very small unassuming Island with beautiful blue water, coral reefs, bountiful seafood and a love for reggae music. It’s become a holiday getaway for Colombians.

There is no way I could exclude Cartagena and a visit back to Palenque.  If you’ve been following my blog; then you know all about this off the beaten path destination.      There is no other place like this so steeped in such rich history of escaped slaves from the 16th century. The present community has become my extended family and they show us real hospitality.

Interested? Let me hear from you.  Until next time…

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