Glad To Be Back In Cali

Don’t believe the old hype. It’s a new and beautiful day here.  The drug cartels running things have long been cleaned up.  Because of Colombia’s economic growth it has become a top destination for business, leisure and adventure travel. Cali is one of Colombia’s largest cities but very little English is spoken. They do their best and we must try to do our best in their country.

Our first night we had dinner and a special Salsa Show just for us at SAGUAN DE SAN ANTONIO.  The dancers were part of last year’s Championship Team.  They moved with a Caribbean beat and their  fancy, quick stepping footwork and flips were unreal.

The next morning, the group had a great city tour and with a very knowledgeable guide that went the extra mile for them. Just the way it was suppose to be. They saw  Cristo Rey   (Christ the King) stands 26 meters… Replica of Cristo Redentor (Christ the Redeemer) in Rio who stands 30 meters and paid a visit to El Gato del Rio (the Cat Park by the river).

Oh no!! Not another cancelled flight as we depart Cali.    Yes, but thru the night while the Group was sleeping, I got everybody rebooked on a later flight. Those that know my story know my travel journey has been divinely ordained from its inception.  I’m always ready to share a new destination with my friends and family.  Fast forward to me sitting in the gate area waiting to board another delayed flight,  waiting to get to Bogota. This little Colombian boy named Ricardo about 7, couldnt stay away from me.  He spoke only a couple words of English but he was trying so hard to communicate with me.  His family was sitting at another gate and soon he brought his sister over, and then finally granny came with her camera and wanted a picture. Of course, I then went over and said hello to the entire clan and gave the children each a Kattrax Luggage Tag.  One word Ricardo kept saying was, “San Andreas”.  A few of us from the Bay Area chuckled, yeah right, we live on the fault line.  Stephanie from Jersey was thinking the movie.  Eventually, Ricardo’s family said goodbye and boarded their flight.  Those thoughts stayed with me last night and I couldn’t rest.

San Andres Island is where Ricardo’s flight was going.  It is 470 miles northwest of mainland Colombia.  The seahorse shaped island is best known as Colombia’s favorite weekend getaway. By the way, This is a holiday weekend for Colombians. The island is known for its coral reefs, white sandy beaches, blue waters, reggae music and tons of seafood.  It’s a 5 hr flight from Miami….. and yes I will be going one day. Thank you, little Ricardo

Next stop: Bogota and after that, Cartagena.  We’ll be there for their Independence Day Celebration.

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