More Kibbles and Bits– THIS IS TANZANIA

2019 Sept/Oct will find us in Tanzania, The Serengeti and a stay on the island of Zanzibar.  I’m so excited about this I can barely contain myself.  2019 KATTRAX WORLD TOUR is quickly filling up.

Trina Mitchell, I’m sorry to disappoint you about Montreux 2019 but I promised to give you excitement and here it is —–ZANZIBAR.   Montreux July  2019 cannot work because our Italian Countryside by Motorcoach tour is in that slot and to make a few others happy like Betty Jacobs, Marcia Cooke and her crew and with 19 on the waiting list…..YES, I will!  Will what, Kat?  I will add a 2nd tour and do a back to back.    What happens if someone was trying to go along with others on Tour 1?  Well,  they will have to work it out on their own. I’m not getting into any of that.

Ghana is trying to resurrect and if there is enough interest THIS TIME, it will happen in February 2019

Okay, my friends…..that’s it for now.  Let me hear from you and all about the desires of your heart.

6 thoughts on “More Kibbles and Bits– THIS IS TANZANIA

  1. Hey KatTanzania, Wow! I’m interested and since Ghana is a ?, I can just go there.Roommate situation is iffy. Looking forward to seeing the cost.Blessings  Yolanda 

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  2. Wow…I’m in a little of a dilemma.

    I’ve always wanted to go to West Africa. But February is so soon following Egypt and the Maldives the end of 2018.

    And of course I’m intrigued about Tanzania and Zanzibar.

    I’m trying to decide. So far, I think I’ve only committed to Italy for 2019.

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