Let’s Party in Colombia, South America Nov 3-12, 2017

Today is my birthday but that’s everyday for me just like everyday is a work day for me no matter where I may be in the world.  We are going back to Colombia for more partying.   Here’s a deal for a couple of lucky single travelers looking for something to do this November .  I love going to places where the people look like you and I, where the food is seasoned with the love passed on from our African roots, where the dance moves are pure and undiluted with this and that, and where the folks in Cali know how to Salsa like nobody’s business. We will be in Cartagena for their Independence Day Celebrstion and we are looking forward to a fantastic time.

For a limited time a single can sign up with a reduction of $250 on the land cost so $1680 plus your airfare from Miami which was less than $500 for all the stops.  If you are fun loving and easy going we have someone to match you up with.   Won’t last long.  Inbox me at rivoli98@yahoo.com or call 5104995909

4 thoughts on “Let’s Party in Colombia, South America Nov 3-12, 2017

  1. Happy Happy Birthday Kat
    You are a beautiful person. Have a Wonderful and Blessed birthday.
    Much Love Yolanda

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