Where Are You Kat Trackin To in 2018?

It’s 3am in Vietnam and as I prepare to fly home I thought I’d send this out to you.  So many have asked, “Are you going back to this place or that place?  I would sure like to go”. But then those flame out and Im left with an unfulfilled contract.  That’s not good for KATTRAX.  So what needs to happen now is if you are down with any of the following, please inbox me and say you are seriously interested. If not enough interest, it will be off the KATTRAX drawing board.    Cost?   My tours pretty much stay in the same ballpark as the previous year’s  tour but as you know rates sometimes increase as a lot of things do.  Of course,  You can go to any of these places for less than an intimate, well-planned,  escorted luxury KATTRAX TOUR but I guarantee you they can’t touch mine. I live to offer you the best possible experience without breaking the bank.  My motto: If Kat won’t lay her head there, you won’t either. So remember: You only go around once in this old crazy world,  so treat yourself, don’t cheat yourself.

Marseille – June 4 – 11, 2018    South Africa –  9 nights Sept 2018    Dubai & Abu Dhabi 6 nights mid November 2018

Until next time,



10 thoughts on “Where Are You Kat Trackin To in 2018?

  1. Just checking out pics of the lodge makes me want to return to South Africa, but I need to go on a trip that will include Victoria Falls.  Of course, I want to go everywhere with you!!!  Hugs and kisses, Toni

  2. Hi Kat, Thank you for the wonderful trip to Fiji. Regarding the trip to Dubai and Abu Dhabi, can you send me the detail info?

    Katie Terrell

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