To say that leaving  Bangkok airport and getting to Ho Chi Minh City was a bit of a challenge would be an understatement.  From check in, to boarding, to the Landing Visa process, it  took its toll on us but we thugged it out anyway and without any travel casualties and for this I for one am truly grateful for God’s divine guidance and protection. I take the Lord along with me EVERYWHERE I go.  So when  our flight got cancelled due to mechanical problems, I had the presence of mind to stay put even though we were told to come back some 4 hrs later.  Before 4 hrs later, amidst chaos and confusion, tempers flaring, and at least 55 weary travelers from  all walks of life and foreign countries needing seats, I learned there would only be 27 seats available on the 730p flight. Well there were 12 of us and I could only produce passports and boarding passes for the 3 who remained with me —Sue, Gary, and Darryl.  Who knew where the others had gone?  Gary and Darryl sprung into action, located and retrieved the needed documentation from 6 others while I used my East Oakland demeanor  and Oakland Fire Dept supervisory skills to demand order so the timid Vietnamese Airlines supervisor could explain what our options were to these out of control passengers who were demanding compensation and what their rights were. I even had to tell some rude azz passenger talking loud on her cellphone  to shut up, be courteous and listen.  Oh, Goldie was in rare form and was truly Golden with the supervisor from that point on.  She loved me. I knew at that point the KATTRAX group had favor and that we would have 12 of the 27 available seats and would not be spending the night in the airport.   I had to bully  my way on the lack of 3 passports.  I just knew those 3 seats would be given away to the next in line  but God worked it on out for us.  As PK Gary says, “Favor ain’t fair”.

I wont even begin to tell you the saga that awaited us upon arrival with picture taking, payment, another form to complete, and yet  another payment —- oh they wanted US Dollars, thankfully it was only $30.   No Vietnamese Dong please.   Smdh.   Then finally the  Immigration line.  At least we were prepared with our “Letter of Invitation”, without which we would have been denied boarding in Bangkok.   The next issue on my mind was since we were almost 9 hrs delayed, how would we get to the hotel because surely our guide was long gone.  It may have appeared to some of the group that I had deserted them but I knew what needed to be done. I was on a mission.   If in fact he was gone, I would have to arrange back up transportation.  Well, more favor…there in the sea of what seemed like hundreds and hundreds  of Vietnamese people waiting for their families and friends, I saw the KATTRAX TOURS sign held by one of the nicest guides ever, Tre’ (tree).  He had been there in the hot humid weather for 10 hrs waiting for us.  All he knew was our flight was delayed, he never knew it was cancelled.  What an ordeal.

The hotel staff at FUSION SUITES SAIGON  was waiting for us, checked us in and we all retired for a peaceful night’s sleep. With this package I included 3 spa treatments per person.  Y’all that know me know that I do not like strangers rubbing on my body but dammit I was definitely down for full body massages and foot reflexology after all that craziness and stress I had just endured.

The Vietnamese people are some of the nicest in the world and I was happy to be back in their beautiful country.   The city tour took the group to Notre Dame, the iconic post Office which still looks like a railway station, they saw the old CIA BLDG where US helicopters airlifted desperate US employees from the roof, the Independence Palace aka Reunification Bldg which in April 1975 when a North Vietnamese tank crashed into the gates and like the toppling of the Berlin Wall, this marked the end of the Vietnamese War. Even though it is now called Ho Chi Minh City, the locals still love to say “SAIGON”  and so do I.

All were now enjoying the wonderful Vietnamese cuisine at the included  restaurants chosen for them and the spa treatments were a definite hit and  a great added feature.  Will I return??? You betcha!!!!

On another note; Dubai Nov 2018 may be in effect.  So continue to check the website for 2018 destination updates:  Feb/Mar:  Antarctica,  April: Paris,  June: Marseille,  Sept: South Africa, Oct: Egypt,  Nov: Dubai, Dec: The Maldives.

Thank you all for riding with me on this Asian Adventure. I hope you enjoyed it.  Stay tuned — In 2 weeks we head to Lima, Peru and Machu Picchu



  1. I just love reading your escapades; I can see Goldie in action as I write these words. Girl, I love you and wish I was there. I see our favorite spot – Lordy…

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