To Market, To Market and Then…

I have offered my groups cooking classes in Paris, Tuscany, Saigon, Jamaica and even Bangkok in 2013 but this by far has been the best.  I was probably more excited than this group because I knew what they were in for…. Yes, an unbelievable culinary experience.

Our 2 private vans and guide whisked us away to The BLUE ELEPHANT COOKING SCHOOL.  We had a brief orientation then Chef Chay escorted us on the Skytrain to the market where he explained some of the various fresh ingredients we would be using to prepare our 4 course lunch menu.  Once back at the school, we were given our beautifully monogrammed Blue Elephant aprons, our recipe booklet and then our instructor demonstrated the preparation step by step, we tasted and after each tasting we went into the kitchen to mirror what she had shown us as Chef Chay and his sous chefs supervised our preparations. They ensured with a special numbering system that each of us would eat exactly what we had prepared——good or bad, right or wrong.   Lol. Seriously though, everybody enjoyed what they themselves prepared.  Afterwards we were led to a beautiful dining room, with a private KATTRAX TOURS table perfectly set for our group.   What an experience!!!!

After lunch, several had last minute fittings for clothes and jewelry so they were off and running. The rest of the group went to JIM THOMPSON’S HOUSE for a tour.  He was an American billionaire architect who fell in love with Thailand and Thai silk.  He amassed an extraordinary art collection and at the age of 61 on a trip to Malaysia in 1967 mysteriously disappeared in the jungle. A Monk once told him he must be careful when reaching  age 61. At any rate, his nephew was kind enough to donate his collections to his foundation

In the morning, we fly to HO CHI MINH CITY (formerly known as SAIGON).  I so look forward to returning to this exciting city.  My fellow foodie and road dawg, Ms Robbie Bell, will be missed.  Rob, I’m going to hit that spot again Nha Hang Ngon where we had that crab cooked tableside with the fresh lime, sea salt and crushed black pepper.  Robbie and I will walk a mile in the dead of night for a good meal.   Coincidentally the group will  also have lunch one day at the same restaurant she and I went to cooking school to learn how to prepare Pho Bo.  It was a former opium factory,   Interesting!!!!   Stay tuned!

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