The Fascinating City of Tokyo


Michael Jackson at Dante’s

There are 12 of us and I couldn’t have asked for a better group to join me on this adventure. Everybody except for 1 has traveled internationally with me on several jaunts.  There were 9 that were with me on our United Airline’s  New Dreamliner  nonstop from SFO.  They all  flew in to SFO from Atlanta, DC, Florida, Chicago, L.A., Houston.  The Bruce sisters from Chicago met us later at the hotel. It was great seeing them again since The North Sea Jazz Fest July 2015.  The group was met in the Arrivals Hall in Haneda by our guide, Massajee.  Our luxury coach awaited us and soon we were on our way to our 5 Star hotel; CAPITOL TOKYU.

As most know, Tokyo is totally High-Tech and our hotel definitely showcases this fact. Tonight’s private welcome dinner was at the hotel’s top restaurant, SUIFREN.  The service and  the presentation was impeccable. There is no way they could be faulted but unfortunately, we were not ready for our this 7 course  traditional Japanese cuisine.  We politely and graciously  received each course, smiled, looked, admired the presentation and then  waited for the courses to be removed by our lovely servers.  Some indulged in the warm Sake as we enjoyed dinner conversation and laughed at the humor of Cousin Gary.

The next day, after our bountiful buffet breakfast that included everything,  we had a full day of touring beginning at the MEIJI SHRINE, dedicated to the spirit of Emperor Meiji. It happens to be a popular place for traditional Japanese weddings.  Prior to entry our guide demonstrated the purification process some choose to participate in.

The next stops included: Harajuku and the famous “Cat Street”; Takeshita Dori. We stopped for lunch at the upscale TWO ROOMS GRILL AND BAR in the elegant neighborhood of Aoyama.  This more than made up for last night’s dinner.  We dined inside but the views for those dining Al Fresco were breathtaking . Those that selected the filet mignon all agreed their most tender steaks were cooked to delightful perfection and not once was anyone asked how they wanted their steak. Amazing!!!   OMG, the Caesar salad was unbelievable. I have never had one this good in my life. You couldn’t even see the dressing but it was strategically placed within the large, fresh crispy romaine lettuce leaves…..  It was truly devine!!  What followed was the topper; a beautifully decorated dessert plate with raspberry sorbet, a miniature creme brûlée and tidbits of sweetness doted the plate.

After lunch the group went across town to ASAKUSA, Tokyo’s old town where they soaked up the atmosphere of the Tokyo of old,  visited Tokyo’s oldest temple, SENSOJI   and wandered down Nakamise, a very interesting shopping street with tons of tourist souvenirs.

Once back at our hotel, most opted for a power nap to prepare for dinner.  Yes, it was truly a perfect ending to a perfect day.  I chose DANTE’S for Teppanyaki.  It was a 10 min walk from our hotel, rated #613 out of 7,000 restaurants in this popular city.  They have been in business for 38 years and none other than the King of Pop, Michael Jackson, dined here in ’98.  He’s pictured on the wall with some of same current employees. The shrimp, calamari, scallops, whole fish, chicken, spinach, sliced squash, eggplant, were all grilled hibachi style by our two outstanding chefs. Afterwards, we had a leisurely stroll back to the hotel.  Wow! What a day, what a night!



3 thoughts on “The Fascinating City of Tokyo

  1. Hey katt!

    I instantly became excited reading this blog! I will be traveling to Tokyo in January for Delta Sigma Theta’s international retreat therefore i am looking forward to reading more about your adventures and taking notes of places to visit!

    Take care!

    Tannia Weaver


  2. Loved the post! Did you guys eat any of the traditional Japanese 7-course feast? I would have loved it all except the big pieces of obvious raw fish😊.

    Lucille “To TRAVEL is to LIVE” Hans Christian Anderson


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