Happy Birthday, DeeDee

41 years ago today I was blessed with DeeDee. I remember being in labor a very long time and then I was rushed into delivery, hemorraging and the doctors didn’t know why and apparently couldn’t stop it.  My husband, the notorious Bill Bailey, got tired of waiting all night and morning and had gone home. The nurse said, “We better call your husband back”. I said, “No! Call my mother, she can get a prayer through.  Soon everything was alright and I had  9 lb 4 oz Alicia Nicole Bailey in my arms.  That’s the name her dad chose. He named her  after his very beautiful cousin with the long flowing golden brown hair. I did not like that name and neither did she because at the tender age of 3 she began telling people her name was DeeDee and then when she turned 5 she told people her name was Ms DeeDee.  I knew she was probably not going to be a follower because when I would pick her up from nursery school she would always be by herself, not playing with the others.

She went on to be a fashionista and was  voted Best Dressed at Oakland High.  Man, she wanted that title so bad. She purchased her first home at the age of 21 with no help from the family and then a #2 and #3.  After giving birth to Casey, she went on to get her Master’s Degree in Criminal Justice.  Aside from maintaining and juggling a very busy schedule with 3 yr old Sakari, she works as an Underwriter and handles all the back-office business for Kattrax Tours and does a fantastic job.

DeeDee may you continue to enjoy God’s richest blessings!  Love, Mama

5 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, DeeDee

  1. Birthday Greetings and I extend to you
    all of Gods best. May this new year be
    filled with new beginnings for you and yours.

    • Meeting you and your wonderful mother and friends was one of the highlights of my European Vacation. Happy Birthday and much love Teshia👠💄💋

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