Kat’s Kibbles and Bits in The Med

When I needed Serenity; to deck 15 I would go — Adults Only.  Trust me when I tell you it was much needed by me, just to get away from it all and “oo sahh” did wonders for my soul. I had the pleasure of meeting Debbie Flood of Los Angeles, daughter of the legendary  MLB center fielder, Curt Flood, who grew up in Oakland and we have a ballpark named in his honor.

Five of us: Robbie, Yvonne, Jessie and Gail had the much sought after reservations for the acclaimed CHEF’S TABLE. There were 9 other unfamiliar cruisers at our table 4 of which appeared to be Trump supporters since they did not raise their glasses to the “No Trump” toast.  Lol. Oh and did those South Carolinians get a rise hearing about my 86 cruises since 1986 and my monthly around the world stops as My friends join me in making Kat Tracks wherever we go.

If you ever get an opportunity to dine at the Chef’s Table do not pass it up. It is one memorable culinary experience.  An extraordinary gastronomical experience like no other.  Unlike  the Carnival Breeze with the table for 12 between the 2 galleys, The Vista has a private glass enclosed dining room with place settings for 16.  We started with champagne and appetizers that included a frozen Greek yogurt pop with salmon shavings on one side and lemon and lime zest on the other. It literally melted in your mouth.   We had 8 courses .  My favorites being: Betkshire Pork Belly, Shrimps; the Slow Cooked Crispy Lamb; and the Olive Oil Poached Seabass with asparagus and white miso.

Stay tuned for more of my KIBBLES AND BITS on our very interesting Black Marseille Tour.

One thought on “Kat’s Kibbles and Bits in The Med

  1. As I was on my way to the refrigerator to decide what leftovers I could eat, I read your blog about the Chef’s table. OMG it sounds absolutely scrumptious! As I chew on my left-over chicken, I look forward to more of your posts. Enjoy the rest of your cruise.

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