If It’s All White, It’s Alright

It was one awesome evening for the group as they continued on in a sophisticated mode at our private function.   We had a date in the Limelight Lounge complete with open bar and the most delectable appetizers. We hired DJ Blendz straight outta Chi Town and he did his thing on the turntable. Our most impressive dance couple, Rick and Lisa Boseman kept the dance floor poppin with impromptu lessons on Biker Shuffle, Wifey, Just Fine, The Wobble, and Blurred Lines just to name a few. Later on after dinner Robbie Bell and I hot footed it over to the Punchline Comedy Club with the 40 something crew: DeeDee, Yvonne, Nikki, Robin and Nicole where more drama was going on in the audience before showtime than the actual showtime.  I must tell you someday how I have replaced  “Bye Felicia” with “Bye Priscilla’s Cousin”.  It has been one wild time.  I was so happy to see Lorraine, Heather and the 3 Michele’s stop by and they gave me the short version of their 3 days in Morocco before the cruise.   Tomorrow will be one of my highlights on this Mediterranean itinerary. Stay tuned.

One thought on “If It’s All White, It’s Alright

  1. Hi Kat. Looking at your pictures. Is my Cousin Kathleen Creggett on this trip? There’s someone who looks so much like her. BJ

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