The next few reposted blogs will be devoted to Negril. Those that have been know what time it is  Those that have never been….well you’ve missed a real treat.  A couple of weeks ago I posted: “AMERICANS BANNED, WELL I’LL JUST BE DAMNED”.  There are only a few places on earth welcoming us at the moment: The Maldive Islands and my beloved Jamaica to name a few.  .  Kattrax has groups on board for both in December 2020  and June 2021 respectively.  Jamaica has stepped it up and handled the COVID-19 in a good and proper way.  The Negril Tree House has all the required safety  protocols in place and my group of almost 50 are ready to go and chill out after the madness we’ve endured this year.  In the  June 2021 group, the majority are repeaters from years gone by.  Trust and believe; they know what time it is! We have a few rooms left   If you want a piece of this sweetness, inbox me at rivoli98@yahoo.com

There are 55 in this great group, 16 of which are repeaters for this fun-filled week in NEGRIL, JAMAICA.  At least 40 of us arrived at MONTEGO BAY AIRPORT  within minutes of each other.   Allow me to give you an insider tip. There is a service provided by VIP ATTRACTIONS called FAST TRACK and its  the best thing since sliced bread. As you exit the plane and enter the terminal; your own personal uniformed escort is waiting for you with a with your name on it.  She takes your Immigration card, checks it for completion and whisks you to a dedicated FAST TRACK line with only a few passengers.  I hate to say that the regular line for Immigration as usual was ridiculously long.  Your escort stays with you, assists with your luggage, thru Customs, to the lounge if you have the time or if you are waiting for your driver.  I had people to meet so no time for the lounge. This service is well worth the $50 for arrival and $80if you want the service for your departure.

It was about an hour + drive to  Negril. Once at THE NEGRIL TREE HOUSE RESORT, everybody began to unwind and get into the moment of finally having arrived in PARADISE situated smack dab in the middle of thee most beautiful stretch of white sandy beach.  Before I forget, I must mention that UNITED showed 4 of us some real love and upgraded us to First Class ( myself, Shonda, Lucille and Zandra).  Thank you UNITED! What a way to get the party started.

The next day @ 5pm we had JAZZ IN THE LOBBY. The combo along with a jazz vocalist did the  thang as folks mixed, mingled, got acquainted with one another and took plenty photos.  It was late when my colleague Simon of Intrepid Expeditions arrived but a few of us awaited his arrival.  He and I have collaborated on the following tours and they all have been WINNERS these past 8 years:   SOUTH AFRICA, DUBAI, ITALY BY MOTORCOACH, AUSTRALIA/NEW ZEALAND, SUMMER JAZZ IN EUROPE, FIJI, upcoming are PERU, and ASIA.

7am on Friday found me walking a few miles on this stretch of  beautiful beach and thanking God for his goodness and tender mercy.  This trip is a little different because my little road dawg granddaughter. Casey who practically grew up here spending summers with me from the age of 6; learned to swim here from Kenrick, and oil paint from King Pinto is now my assistant at the age of 21. Not for all tours, only Jamaica she says because she has a special place in her heart for this magical place. Afterall she knows the place and how “dem tings run”.  She’s a natural!

The group was treated to the Managers Cocktail Party Saturday in the lobby.  Owner, the lovely Gail Jackson-Brooks puts on the best I’ve seen and you know I’ve been in hundreds of hotels worldwide. Appetizers, cocktails, Jell-O shots were served,  live music, dancing and a fashion show on top of all that.

We are off to a great start!  A fabulous week lies ahead.  If you don’t believe me just watch   Will we do it again next year?  You betcha by golly wow.  They are already claiming suites as I write this blog.



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