Greetings my friends,  in less than 3 days we have a record breaking 34 guests for the Canary Islands cruise.  It’s turning into a reunion of sorts.  Many thanks go out to my dear friend and avid world traveler, Ms Lucille Johnson.  Yes, she planted the seed, with this being on her list of places to see and as I choose to call it”Gettin’ It In”.  Bucket list is a bit negative for me and I never use that phrase.

Reunion??? Yes, Friends will be reuniting from as far back as South Africa 2009, 2014, Paris as far back as 2005, Egypt, Dubai, Greek Isles, Rio, New Years cruises, Jamaica 1999 & 9/11, North Sea Jazz Fests and those preparing to meet up in Australia, New Zealand and Barcelona.

This is to announce we were able to get a few more staterooms. No doubt they will go equally as fast.  So if you are interested email me at to get further information and to hold your spot. Remember posting here with questions tells all the business.  I welcome all positive comments but if it’s personal you may not want to share it.   Have a great day! As Joel says, Keep God first, He’ll take you places you only dreamed of”.





  1. I cannot WAIT to go on this Cruise next year for I’ll be celebrating my 60th Year of Existence!
    Let the Champagne flow!!!!!!

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