Peaceful Day in Abu Dhabi

Yesterday was our full day tour to the capital city of Abu Dhabi. Before boarding the bus for our 2 hr picturesque, scenic drive our guide gave everybody the once over to ensure everyone was in compliance and would not be dress coded for entry to The Great Mosque. Even though a lady may have a floor length garment; no sunlight can show through and she must have long sleeves just in case one fails to read my info or even look at the pictures of what not to wear

Once in Abu Dhabi, we drove past residential palaces of the Royal Family and beautiful villas and then a stop at Heritage Village, which depicts life as it was in the old days.

Lunch would be as usual at the magnificent EMIRATES PALACE HOTEL.  There is no getting in this place unless you are a registered guest or with a reservation  to do business here.  This is thee most expensively built hotel in the world. Notice I said “expensively built”.  It was built for the Sheik’s residence but he didn’t like it so thus it became a hotel. Lunch at Le Vendome is about $125pp. Of course, I make sure it’s included in the package for my group. We were ushered to our reserved tables and the feast began. There were literally hundreds of items perfectly prepared for our dining delight. I started with jumbo cocktail prawns with a bourbon dipping sauce, spicy Cajun chicken, pasta bolognese, roasted duck salad, and the most tender BBQ short ribs. Everyone dined sufficiently then took their time strolling through the hotel taking pictures of such opulence, including the Gold to Go ATM—- yes, buy a bar of gold out the ATM if your plastic can stand it. Oh, let’s not forget the bakery counter showcasing baked goods topped with 24k gold.

Our final stop was FERRARI WORLD, just a pit stop to pick up some FERRARI souvenirs and memorabilia.  This is the home of the fastest roller coaster in the world. All in all, this was a most beautiful day.

Will Kat repeat this DUBAI/ABU DHABI trip?  My friends, that remains to be seen but if there are 20 definites out there reading this blog that want to commit next  year…..holla at ya girl.


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