My friends,  most know that “International” is my middle name. So no, not In New Orleans although I do love that fair city with a passion but coming in 2016 and 2017 the organizers have decided in addition to NOLA they will be taking it to SOUTH AFRICA. It will be held in Durban, right on the INDIAN OCEAN. I’ve been arranging international music Fests since the 80’s so this is right up my alleyway.  Yesterday  I was just reminiscing to a few on the bus about the lovely time spent at a Bed and Breakfast, in UHMLANGA ROCKS overlooking the Indian Ocean. It was one of those “I just got to put my feet in the warm Indian Ocean” experiences.  That was in 2007, a most lovely time but so fresh in my mind it seems like yesterday.  UHMLANGA is pronounced with an “S” between the M and the L and it’s about a 20 min drive from Durban. I am so about the spiritual.  My purpose, my journey has been just that.  I might add that sista Joyce Crum who happens to be on this tour is the one that back in 2005/2006 told me how beautiful that place was and It fueled me to get there. Thank you Joyce!

The festival dates in 2016  nor the exact venue has yet to be   announced so stay tuned if there is an interest, especially you Essence die hards (cousin Darryl you know you are in that number).

Today is Cassandra’s birthday so we celebrate on a dinner cruise tonight.

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