Good morning Travellers on this beautiful day!  You are probably wondering “What is Kat talking about now”? I want to share this testimony with you. The scripture is from Luke 5:5 about Simon and Jesus. Jesus told Simon to let down his nets.  Simon said, “Master we been out here all night long fishing and haven’t caught a thing.  But because you say so, I will let down the nets.” They ended up catching so many fish their nets could not hold them”.  You know the Lord gives it to us ABUNDANTLY, EXCEEDINGLY above all that we ask for.

Now, I have a colleague named Simon and in wiorking on the upcoming November DUBAI trip we really took a beating financially. In this business unfulfilled contracts with hotels and airlines can really hurt you.   I mean we were so far in the hole we couldn’t see daylight.  .  A few days ago as I began my evening prayer, the spirit gave me an idea.  That next morning I mentioned to my colleague Simon the story about Simon out there fishing and about my  idea.   We chuckled about it and before hanging up I said to him, “Now Simon, drop those nets”. Well my friends, within the next few days folks were calling about DUBAI and before we knew anything it was like fish jumping up in the boat. God is good and his mercy is everlasting.

Before I end this blog I need to send a message about RIO, BAHIA AND IGUASU FALLS.  I was planning for October but that conflicted with South Africa and Ive got to escort my South Africa group. So now Rio will be early November.   If you are still interested I need to hear from you to make sure you are kept abreast of the upcoming info.

Blessings to you all!!!

3 thoughts on “DROP YOUR NETS!!!

  1. When we continue to trust in HIM, He will continue to reveal Himself. Walk by FAITH and not by sight…2 Cor 5:7…

    ~Valarie Baker

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