Spreading Goodwill All Over The World

Brazilian School Girls  at Cristo Redentor

Brazilian School Girls at Cristo Redentor

Lovely Tree House Lobby, Negril Jamaica

Lovely Tree House Lobby, Negril Jamaica

Apostolic Church Children in Soweto

Apostolic Church Children in Soweto

Gourmet lunch and  Wine Tasting at Mont Rochelle, South Africa

Gourmet lunch and Wine Tasting at Mont Rochelle, South Africa

Victor Verster Prison,  House Arrest for Mandela

Victor Verster Prison, House Arrest for Mandela

These past 3 decades that I’ve been in this travel game has afforded me the opportunity to take some of you with me to experience the rich cultures of foreign lands and to meet the people of those countries  up close and personal –  France, Italy, Amsterdam, Switzerland, Spain, Copenhagen, North Africa,  South Africa, South America, Egypt, Vietnam, Bangkok, Singapore ,Dubai,  Abu Dhabi, The Caribbean Islands and many other distant places.

My mission has been to connect people to people and  to expose those who have not travelled abroad to beautiful memories that will last forever. In doing so, we’ve earned a reputation,  “When Kat’s groups come, they put food on our tables”.  How heartwarming is it  when an African restaurant owner in Paris  who speaks no English, says, ”  Your groups not only make me have a good night but a good 3 weeks”. How touching is it to see a smile that lights up the City of Light on the face of an Indian doorman at our Paris hotel when he’s handed a tip envelope?  Then there is the French woman in the breakfast room who knows our group will always remember her  with a euro or 2 at breakfast when other folks do not and she is always so eager to serve us.  One of our African  maids at our Paris hotel who has been working at this same hotel for 15 years, divorced mother of 4,  speaks no English, it  takes her 1 hr ea way on the train to go to work, told her boss she had something for me, took her meager earnings and presented me with 2 lovely pashminas and a bottle of Chanel Allure.  How special is that?  I cannot forget our guides from Soweto, Rio, Cape Town, Bahia who always manage to show Kat’s groups what others never get to see because of their connections.  And of course, I cannot forget all our drivers, hotel staff, restaurant owners in Jamaica who love to see us coming and take such good care of us.

To all my past travelers these 3 decades and future travelers yet to come; a big thank you from the depths of my heart for taking this journey with me.  Paris 2015, Asia 2015, Montreux & North Sea Jazz Fests 2015 are now accepting reservations. We still have space for 2014 Jamaica, 2014 Italy and 2014 Dubai. There just may be another Greek Isles cruise for 2015 in the works  — Stay tuned!

7 thoughts on “Spreading Goodwill All Over The World

  1. Wow! Kat you such a blessing to so many of us. I thank and praise God many times for blessing me with knowing you. The passion you have for travel and your arms out reaching to take others along. As you & I know God honors these deeds. May God continue to bless you in health.
    You have a special place in my heart.

  2. I appreciate and love your consistent enthusiasm. You have the ability to make every person in the group feel individually special. There is a rule: Want for others what you want for yourself. Thank you for always providing an experience fit for royalty; just like the queen you are. WHO YOU WIT???

  3. Looks like I have missed out on some great trips but hope not to miss too many more.

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    Be selective in your battles, sometimes peace is better than being right.


  4. Hey Kat! – OMG!! – Wow…I have to remember the MANY years that you have been in this travel game and I am amazed at what all you do, the unique places that you go, etc. etc. etc. Thanks so much for being the travel Queen Bee and I am SO happy that I met you and choose to travel with YOU out of the many agents that I know!!!!
    *OMG – 2015? Another “possible” Greek Isles cruise?? Decisions…decisions…..I have to pace and strategize to keep up with you!!!! – You’re The Best! – Guess Who? Falafel Chickpea!!! – LOL

  5. You are so very welcome, much love from the bottom of my heart to you. It is always such a pleasure to travel with you and experience the world in grand style. I miss you and hope to see you again in the next couple of years. If you are home when I come for Thanksgiving, perhaps we can get together for lunch or attend church again. With love and blessings to you, your sister-in-Christ. Toni

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