To Market, To Market, Then A Cookin’ With Class Experience


Sue Stirring a The Creme for the Brûlée

Sue Stirring The Creme for the Brûlée

Chef Bryan

Chef Bryan

The Dining Begins

The Dining Begins

Baby Turnips Flamin' In Apple Brandy

Baby Turnips Flamin’ In Apple Brandy

Duck Breast  Encrusted in Pistachios and Walnuts

Duck Breast Encrusted in Pistachios and Walnuts

Chef Bruce Torching Creme Brûlée

Chef Bruce Torching Creme Brûlée

The Lavendar Took This Creme Brûlée  To Another Level

The Lavendar Took This Creme Brûlée To Another Level

Four of us; myself, Marcia, Sue and Bruce  signed up for this $250 per person, 5-6 hour  class today. We took the metro up to the 18th Arrondissement to meet Chef Bryan. We were very early so we waited. Picture this:  4 black people sitting on a bench all wearing sunglasses.  I guess we looked like a motley crew for real.  First stop was at the boulangerie for bread and a quick lesson on the fermentation.    We not only visited the outdoor markets for meat, vegetables, and cheeses but also the fish monger.  At each market we learned  so much about the various products and then our  class of 8 came together to plan the perfect menu; something we all could deal with. Actually I prefer for the chef to already have selections picked out but this worked out fine. When we entered the school,  the  smell of  baked breads filled our nostrils because the French Bread making class was in session next to our classroom.   Part way through our class,  the chef from the baking class brought over a plate of freshly baked focaccia — yummy! 

We had fish roll ups for appetizers — a flat white fish rolled up with fresh herbs then baked, a salad,  and our main course was  duck breast encrusted with ground pistachios and walnuts.  It was accompanied with an onion jam , sautéed baby turnips cooked with Apple brandy then tossed with fresh spinach leaves, followed by a cheese course of  which we shopped for at the market.  Finally , dessert  was a  creme brûlée with a hint of Lavendar which was very different.   Each student  had their turn at  torching the top of theirs.  Some were better than others .  I didn’t think I had the skill so Marcia was gracious enough to do mine for me. 

When all was prepared  the group dined sufficiently.  The red and white wines seemed to never stop flowing.  I hated to eat and run but I had things to do. The group paid attention getting there so I knew they could handle the metro back to the Louis Vuitton landmark on the Champs Élysées.  

As I bring this blog to a close I must mention 2 of my very enjoyable dining experiences.  Dedie, my assistant for the last 2 weeks, and myself  went to Le Relais de Venise L’Entrecote at Porte Maillot,   one of her favorite eating joints in Paris.  The line is usually out the door, no reservations, no menu needed ——everybody is getting the same thing;  steak, fries and salad with walnuts.  All they want to know is how you want your steak cooked. They bring  a portion and keep the remaining portion warm until you’re ready for it.  It’s phenomenal!   If you can’t make it to Paris, there is one in Manhattan and 3 in London. 

Tuesday, Sue and I had a taste for some good guacamole and a good margarita so off we went  to Fajitas in the Latin Quarter.  This place never disappoints me and had we needed to, we could have walked with the margarita.  I had the chicken fajita and Sue had the chicken  enchilada. Both servings were more than generous and this place run by an American has no problem giving you a to go container.   

If you are planning to join us in the future, please know that  BPD tries to leave a few days in the week for individuals to do their own thing. There are so many things to do and see in Paris  We offer “suggestions” with a description. These options are not a part of our tour so if you are unhappy with your choice or you fail to read the description then that’s on you.  Please choose  responsibly, be it Amsterdam, London, The Champagne Region,  Geneva, Cooking Classes,  or Josephine Baker’s Mansion.  Inbox me if you are interested in getting on the wait list for April 15-23 or April 22-30, 2015.  

A bientot !




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