Negril, Prescription for Relaxation

Mornings on Negril beach

Mornings on Negril beach

USairways is alright with me. Our A321 aircraft, connecting from Charlotte to Montego Bay with a capacity of 185 passengers had 34 passengers on board. They could have cancelled the flight but that did not happen. And I just love the fact that 100% of their fleet has internet access 37,000 feet in the clouds. Hubby, Mr Silk, my big brother J Fox and myself were on our way to da island to chill.

This has been a very busy travel year for me; hitting Paris, Rio, Buenos Aires, Bahia, Rome, Greek Isles, Dubai and South Africa. So I welcomed the opportunity to spend a week lazing on a white sandy beach in a special place I once called home for 3 years.

Arriving at the Tree House Resort is always like a big welcome home from relatives you haven’t seen in awhile. Hugs and a big dose of love is the order of the day from the staff you may have come to know over the years and if owner, the lovely, very charming Gail Jackson happens to be on the property; you will receive a personal “Welcome to the Tree house”.

The temperature was in the 80’s with a slight breeze blowing from the sea. Fitzroy was longing to take a swim in the warm turquoise water but we had to hurry to his mother’s house for a reunion of sorts. It’s been 18 months plus his sister, Lorraine, who he hadn’t seen in 6 years flew in from Connecticut today for a cousin’s wedding. She is the cake baker and the wedding coordinator for this blessed event and My husband, Mr Silk will sing at the wedding, which will be at a small out of the way place called, Paul Island,where everybody knows each other. This is hubby’s Indian side of the family. When East Indian and Jamaican blacks mix they are called “Royals”. The combination brings a beautiful mixture of the 2 cultures. For those that have tasted Fitzroy’s curried chicken and roti understand full hundred (100%). His curried dishes out distance any typical ones you’ve tasted at your local Indian or Chinese restaurants.
Later this week I will be sure to post pictures of the wedding.

We arrived at my mother-in-laws and the kitchen was bustling with activity. Her husband, Mr Rick, the fisherman had provided a barrel of fresh fish and Bigga, Fitzroy’s uncle had been summoned to fry and escovitch the fish (escovitch is sautéing sliced onions and the hot scotch bonnet peppers in oil and vinegar and then pouring the concoction over the fry fish. Here in Jamaica, it’s not called fried fish but “fry” fish. Bigga also had to kill, clean and curry the goat. Jamaicans celebrating any special event is time to curry a goat and it must be a ram goat. Mr. Rick also prepared a special order for Fitzroy, “fish tea”, a spicy soup in the Caribbean that can take 4 hours to prepare, pounds of fish, carrots, yellow yam, boiled green banana, flavored with coconut milk, seasoned with thyme, scallions and other seasonings. We dined sufficiently on a wonderful welcome home meal.

The next morning was spent taking a dip in the sea with a few family members followed by the delicious signature breakfast at Tree House. To date, we have over 50 signed up for next year’s July Reunion right here at Tree House. We still have rooms available for 9 nights and 10 days of hot reggae nights and cool days of fun in the sun. Interested? Inbox me.

Tree House owner, the lovely Gail Jackson

Tree House owner, the lovely Gail Jackson

1 bdrm Oceanview suites

1 bdrm Oceanview suites

Tree House lobby, "new look"

Tree House lobby, “new look”

Tree House lobby, "new look"

Tree House lobby, “new look”

Tree House included breakfast. My choice on the buffet today. Grits, waffles, omlettes?  Yours if you so desire

Tree House included breakfast. My choice on the buffet today. Grits, waffles, omlettes? Yours if you so desire

5 thoughts on “Negril, Prescription for Relaxation

  1. Kat,

    Thanks so much for this blog. I enjoyed reading this so much. I’ve been back at work HARD but it was so refreshing hearing about Jamaica. I’ve never been but it’s on MY LIST. LOL As I was reading your blog, I felt as if I was there taking in the breeze from the ocean, the beauty of the resort and the taste of the delicious dishes you reference. Wow, I would love to be there right now. I can’t wait to hear and see pictures of the wedding.

    Please know I appreciate your blogs so much….. Love you cuz.


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