Cape Town, Arguably The Culinary Capital of South Africa

Representing at the Most South Western Point of the African Continent

Representing at the Most South Western Point of the African Continent



Mother, daughter Jill Scott and Eve

Mother, daughter Jill Scott and Eve

Mother, daughter, Regina King and Michelle Obama

Mother, daughter, Regina King and Michelle Obama

Night before last I dined alone at the Atlantic Grill in our hotel and one of my very best solo dining experiences. I do not like to dine alone and what was missing was my better half— Mr. Silk. The bread that was placed on the table was called  mos  bolletjies (mos boleki), an Afrikaans term. A cluster of about 7 rolls baked together. The yeast is from partially fermented grapes. Next, there was a gift from the Chef; amuse bouche, French for something that makes the mouth happy.  It was a Demi tasse of  a creamy corn chowder with pepper. Now I was ready for my starter of Blackbeard Mussels (15) in a delightfully flavored broth with finely chopped onion, tomato and fennel which was served with slices of buttered, crusty baguettes of which I only took a couple of bites.  The manager then served me a small dish of  raspberry sorbet to cleanse my palate.  Yes, I was loving the experience.  Now for my main which was a lamb rack with buttered mashed potatoes and a small Caesar salad. I enjoyed every morsel of which everything was prepared to perfection.  There was no room for dessert this evening but to top it all off;  the tab for the evening was a mere 300 Rand which is equal to $30.

FRIDAY —–  We began the day by going to one of the largest Townships called Langa. Desmond arranged for a lovely young lady by the name of Sugah, to walk the group through the community, stopping at the Cultural Center where the group drummed , danced, had a great time interacting. Sugah explained life as she knows it in the Township, even telling them about the purchasing, cleaning and cooking of sheep’s heads. This process takes the women hours. It is a delicacy that most look forward to when the weekend rolls around and this was Friday and they were in full swing. Before leaving Langa, we paid a visit to one of the local Sangomas, the local healer, Indaba. He came on our bus and gave a brief overview of what he does.  He is now in a much smaller container than years before so ther was no way the group could set foot inside. This afternoon was the Robben Island tour, where Nelson Mandela spent 18 years in a one man cell, so a short stop for lunch and a swing by Green Market Square for  a little souvenir shopping  was in order. No shopping for me, I had a plan.  I stayed with the bus and had the driver swing around to Long and Strand Streets to the KFC.  I have been known to walk a mile in a foreign city for some KFC.,  Paris,  Luxor, etc.  in Luxor it was only a block from the hotel but on my return, security stopped me at the entrance and said I couldn’t bring it inside. I said  look , I haven’t eaten since the night before and if they needed to call the Police, get ta callin’ because that chicken was going with me to my room.  I guess they decided they didnt want to tangle with an angry black woman, let alone  a hungry one. So, here I was now in Cape Town, 3 of us placed our orders and waited. I heard some banging on the window and there were 2 transgender ladies telling me how much they loved my hair. They were so animated as they pranced around.  I knew they would be waiting at the exit.  One was about 6 ft, slim build, high cheek bones with a Halle Berry look.  Her name was Chloe but born, Clay. The shorter one and the most talkative was Nikita who was born , Denzel.  As we walked to the bus, they invited us to church. They attend Hillsong but we had already been invited to Covenant Christian Center .   At the bus, I gave them 100 Rand ($10) to share and they skipped happily on down the street.

SATURDAY —–  Breakfast at Table Bay is unlike any other hotel.  To sit in the Atlantic Grill, you’ve got to get up early. Imagine,  over 17 different kinds of fruit some in liquers,  Thai noodles, Stir Fry, Duck Crepes made by the waffle lady .  She takes a crepe, spreads it with plum sauce , adds some spring onions (finely sliced, curled green onions, a few thin slices of cucumber and Voila!   So delicious!   Even though it’s a buffet, your smiling server will take your requests for  any special ordered items.  Champagne anyone?   It’s available and yours for the asking. Today was our Cape Peninsula tour. I’m so glad we had favor for Table Mountain and Robben Island because they are weather permitting but today would have been a problem because it was windy and rainy by it did not dampen our spirits.  We made our way to the most South Western point of the African Continent, seeing baboons, ostriches once we were in the Cape of Good Hope.

Our time here is winding down and it has been one marvelous time. The group came together and bonded so well.  at least 12 of this group will be joining us in Dubai next September. Check  for updated info.  And for those of you wanting to experience South Africa next October, please send me an email

2 thoughts on “Cape Town, Arguably The Culinary Capital of South Africa

  1. You are a master storyteller, Kat! I savored every morsel that you had for your lone dinner (except for the mussels, which I don’t like!) and felt present at Robben Island. I’m LOL about KFC! Now I know why you were asking about the exits at Chatelet in Paris last time – I’m guessing that you wanted to get to KFC near Les Halles!

    I’ve told my cousin Sandra Matthews Hale about you. I believe that she and her husband may take one of your tours next year. Don’t hold your breath, but I gave her the link to your blog when I was at home in June and she was quite impressed.

    Hugs to you,


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