Back in Johannesburg

I’ve been a little under the weather lately but it was good seeing most of the group in NY at the airport. For once I took advantage of wheelchair assistance and it was just what the Doctor ordered. I spent my couple of hours in the first class lounge before the flight and prepared myself for another wonderful adventure. I was lucky to have a real cool lady from Key West by way of New York seated next to me, Jane the Pain. She had a thousand stories to tell and I’ll tell about some one day.
Nonstop from JFK, no stops in Dakar this time, thank God! We even made up time and landed safely before schedule.
Our guide from 2011, Joe, was in the arrival hall to meet us and soon we were at the lovely 5 star, Michelangelo Hotel. Several made their way next door to the mall and Nelson Mandela Square to get a bite to eat. After Joe got us checked in, he was off to be the guide for Kofi Annan for the day. Joe is one of the best guides in Joburg.
Dinner was in the Square at Montego Bay. The food as well as the service was excellent and everyone seemed to enjoy their meal and the 8 bottles of wine, compliments of Yours Truly. Chatter at the table was lively and animated. Dubai was the topic and you know me, I was definitely promoting next September’s trip there. My young folks kept it moving, with one young lady doing a short rendition of Whitney’s, “Saving All My Love For You”. Yes the girl, modest as she was…..could truly blow. Before calling it an evening, they went around the table discussing our celebrity look a-likes. We had Jill Scott and her daughter Eve, Michelle Obama and her mother Regina King, a young Janet Jackson and my cousin R Kelly. Yes, this is going to be a great group. Tomorrow we visit the cultural village of Lesedi. Stay tuned

6 thoughts on “Back in Johannesburg

  1. *Hou gaan dit Kat!

    * *I’m so happy you all made it safe and sound to Jo’burg! I’m looking forward to seeing pics of all your “celebrities” 😉 *wishing i were there* **Enjoy!!* * * *Totsiens!

    * *Love ya, * *Emmett *

  2. Omg memories my trip Came flooding back when u mentioned Michaelangelo! Be blessed rest well and have good food fun and so african wine! Hey remember that pepper jelly I had to give to the TSA at the airport! R u going to the black winery? I am Ret to go!

  3. Hey!! – OMG! – Can’t wait to visit and stay at The Michaelangelo SOME day!!! – Friends in Chicago RAVED about The Michaelangelo at a dinner that I attended last Friday night! I just had to mention your travel group being there! – LOL!!! – S. Africa is on the LIFETIME Radar screen – NO Doubt! Be Blessed and Stay Safe!
    Winfrey – Falafel Chick!! 🙂

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