From Queen To A Bedouin Traveler, Oh What A Day!

4x4's Ready For Dune Bashing

4×4’s Ready For Dune Bashing

Diva and Queen in the Desert

Diva and Queen in the Desert

Sun setting Over the Dunes

Sun setting Over the Dunes

Dune Bashing

Dune Bashing

At the Bedouin Camp Site

At the Bedouin Camp Site

Papi with Cousin Kutina and So'Mone of Chicago, enjoying Arabian Nights

Papi with Cousin Kutina and So’Mone of Chicago, enjoying An Arabian Night

Even though some of the largest malls and shops of all types abound here in this shoppers paradise; mall shopping, department store or boutique shopping is not my cup of tea.  One Stop Shopping is more my speed so my rep arranged for a private driver to allow me to do just that. Nikki joined me on this mini excursion as we were chauffeured to the other side of town and our driver pointed out points of interests along the way. He knew exactly where to take us, where everything we were looking for was under one roof. As we made our purchases, he held onto all of our packages until we were safely back in the SUV. He was our perfect helper, giving his opinion when called upon.

Before returning to our hotel, he drove us to Palm Island, which in the shape of a palm tree, it has become the most unique and ambitious real estate project ever developed in the world to date. It is home to Atlantis, several Jumeriah brand hotels, private beaches and fabulous residences belonging to the likes of Tiger Woods, David Beckham, and Brad Pitt.

Back at the hotel, some of the group were in the lobby chit chatting about their day, where they went, what they bought, etc.   Boy, did they get excited when they heard about the 24 K gold plated playing cards  I picked up for my girl Helen. Too bad I couldn’t tell them where to  find the  store – LOL

Later in the afternoon, there was excitement in the air as the group prepared to be picked up for the Desert Safari Extravaganza.  Eight 4×4’s rolled up to the hotel and we loaded up 4 to 5 of us in each one. It took about 45 mins to reach the desert and then it was on. Our experienced and capable drivers took us on a roller coaster ride, dune after dune, twisting and turning, finally stopping on one of the high dunes to watch a magical sunset.

Soon we were at the Bedouin camp and we all settled in for an Arabian evening of entertainment. There   was belly dancing, camel rides, ladies got beautiful hand painted hennas while some of the men and women  smoked “shisha”, “hookah” popularly known as the hubbly – bubbly.  The barbeque dinner was a good one and as the evening drew to a close, we all agreed we had a good time but were ready to call it a night .  Thank God there was a shortcut to the main highway and soon I would be back in the comfort of my suite.

Tomorrow  some will do last minute shopping ,  get spa treatments at the Talise Ottoman Spa on Palm Island, some have reservations at the Burj for their highly acclaimed brunch, some will be chillin’ poolside at our hotel and I will be planning Dubai 2014.

You better believe I am Team Kempinski and this will be the spot. When your maid greets you by name on each encounter  says a lot and goes a long way with me.  There are no “do not disturb” signs to hang on your door; simply push the red or green light in yor room  for notification.  Customer service here is second to none and I cannot wait to return.

8 thoughts on “From Queen To A Bedouin Traveler, Oh What A Day!

  1. love the write up Kat Woman – I feel like I am there with you – we had drinks at Kempenski, and my girl Paula, just loved it – the harpist playing in the lobby restaurant, the staff, everything amazing. Keep it up, girl – you are the trip Queen for sure!

    • Rob, loved everything! Thank you for your recommendations for Talise Ottoman Spa – the ladies loved it. Had lunch in Aspen, quite delightful – loved the menu on the iPad. The Harpist’s contract ended so now there is a fab jazz violinist laying it down.

  2. OMG! – Ofcourse you know that this is Falafel Chickpea trying to find out how I can “squeeze” this one in for 2014!!! – LOL!!! – You know me!! – The “Wanna Be Everywhere Around The World In A Day Falafel Chick”!!!
    No matter what, I want the specifics on Dubai 2014! – Guess Who?? (smile)

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