The Brazilian Perspective

At the exit  on the Brazil side

At the exit on the Brazil side

25% of Brazil side

25% of Brazil side

More of Brazil side

More of Brazil side

After breakfast , we checked out, loaded up and headed to the National Park on the Brazil side. Our hotel Bourbon Cataratas, is located just minutes from the park.  The X Games are in town and several participants  were guests at our hotel. Matthew met Tony Hawk in the elevator and Later we saw the practice skate  board ramps and spectator stands that were set up in the park.

When you’re on the Brazil side you get the best panoramic views .  You’re looking across the Iguassu river while getting a more frontal look at the Falls.   The Brazil side certainly has its positives, like modern double decker buses vs old trains to get you to the trails, lots of trees that provide shade on the walks and  the catwalks are short and sweet.  Once on the trail,  the first photo  opp was absolutely breathtaking and it was only 25% of what was to come. Everyone in our group was thrilled every step of the way until the very end.  There is no way you can travel all the way to the Falls and deny yourself the experience of viewing both  incredible sides.

We were only less than 10 minutes from the airport.  Thank God for favor! We were blessed with a guide that knew the ropes. He took our passports  and checked us in as  the line was ridiculously long.  Next came the security check and lastly,  the baggage check in .  Quite different but different city, different airport, different custom.  Soon we would be in Rio de Janeiro……

One thought on “The Brazilian Perspective

  1. Kat,
    You really know how to reel someone in to your vacations! I love the views that you capture and makes me feel like I am with you all. Thanks so much for keeping me in the loop of what’s happening in Rio!

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