Iguassu Falls, Truly Amazing!

Devil's Throat

Devil’s Throat


Kat on the catwalk

Today our flight to Puerto Iguazu departed from the domestic airport on Aerolineas Argentina. Our guide, Sandra who checked us in and stayed with us to the security entrance definitely gets a thumbs up from me and the entire group. The flight was a short hour and 45 minutes and soon this Kat’s curiosity would be satisfied.  I was about to see a waterfall taller than Niagara Falls  and more spectacular than Victoria Falls Located between Zimbabwe and Zambia.

Those sitting on the starboard side (right side) of the aircraft got a bird’s eye, aerial view as we began our descent. Actually their oohs and ahhs caused those on the left side to unfasten their seat belts and join in with their oohs and ahhs.

After collecting our luggage, we met our guide, Carlos with the “Kat sign”. He informed us of the plan for the day. So we loaded up the bus and headed for the Devil’s Throat. After entering the National park, we took 2 small trains to begin the 15 minute walk on the catwalk. The Falls lie on the Argentina/Brazil border—called Foz do Iguacu in Portugese and Cataratas del Iguazu in Spanish.

The part with the largest volume of water is the narrow horseshoe of the Devil’s Throat.  It is the most powerful of this world wonder and we were on  our way.  Words in my vocabulary cannot describe what I felt upon being so close to such a spectacle.

When one starts comparing Victoria and Iguassu  —-Victoria is larger in width and height but does not offer the catwalks that Iguassu offers plus Iguassu allows you to get in-your-face, up close and personal with the  likes of the turbulent Devil’s Throat.  Since I have now been blessed to see both, I tell you  this is an experience Victoria cannot give you.  It would be a big mistake not to see both in one lifetime .

After lunch, we drove across the border to Brazil to check in our hotel   We had our Brazillian visas so we were good to go .

Tomorrow we will see the Falls from the Brazil side and then fly to Rio de Janeiro

One thought on “Iguassu Falls, Truly Amazing!

  1. Hi Kat,
    I know that feeling of the falls and I could not have said it better, they are SO spectacular! Enjoy the rest of your journey.
    Jean Segers

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