Don’t Cry For Me Argentina

The big steel flower

The big steel flower

Statue of Eva Peron

Statue of Eva Peron

Ricoleta Cemetary Expensive mausoleums

Ricoleta Cemetary
Expensive mausoleums

Mausoleum of Eva Peron

Mausoleum of Eva Peron

Today was a most beautiful day in every way. We couldn’t have asked for better weather.  After breakfast,  we were picked up by our guide, Sandra and driver Hugo.  We hit all the areas —  San Nicolas (Centro) a bustling area,  the fashionable  area of  Palermo,  the shopping street ; Florida,  the Paris of  South America, Recoleta with her sidewalk cafes and the lively area of La Boca.

One of the city’s latest icons inaugurated in 2002 is the big steel flower. Located in a pool of water in United Nations Square. The petals open during the day and close for the night with a red glow. The square is adjacent to the Law University which is free for all to study, even foreigners. All the tourist sites were filled with bus loads of children because its compulsory for the students to visit as part of their history lessons. Dog walkers are a big thing here in and around the parks. It’s not uncommon to see one with as many as 10-12 dogs.

After stopping by the statue of the notorious Eva Peron, we made our way to her resting place at Ricoleta Cemetery . This place is huge, over 14 acres but only the wealthy have mausoleums here.  Born Maria Eva Duarte  (aka Evita) in 1919 to a very poor family. She had dreams of making it big as an actress and made it to the big city of Buenos Aires at the tender age of 15. Oh, she was the mistress of many before she linked up with dictator husband, the infamous Juan Peron and became his mistress. In 1947 she became the First Lady.  Many despised her  because of her many affairs and  saying she used men to get what she wanted in life but so many loved her because she fought for worker’s rights  and women’s suffrage. She fell ill to cancer and died at the age of 33.  Her funeral lasted 17 days. Three years later the military moved her body to Italy. It took over  20 years for her body to be returned to Buenos Aires. She now lies 16 feet underground, in a crypt fortified like a nuclear bunker, so that no one should ever be able to disturb the remains of Argentina’s most controversial First Lady.  Today was only a half day tour but in essence, quite full .

Tomorrow will be exciting as we fly to Iguassu Falls and walk the “Kat Walk” to view a most amazing sight

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